CAS launches new version of sciewrist sweatbandsntific cloud platform

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The Chinese Academy of Sciences launches the 2.0 version of the China Science and Technology Cloud, on Dec 26, 2019. [Photo/Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences]

The Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the 2.0 version of a scientific cloud platform on Thursday, to provide scientists with more accessible, more accurate and secure data services to drive research and innovation, officials and scientists said at a press conference.

The China Science and Technology Cloud, or CSTC, draws data from the academy"s research institutes and major scientific installations, as well as many of China"s top universities and private innovation centers.

Like its initial platform that was introduced in May 2018, it was created at the academy"s Computer Network Information Center.

"It is one of our academy"s most advanced scientific cloud platforms, and many functions of its 2.0 version are improved, including computing power, cloud storage, and research software," said Li Jianhui, supervisor of the CSTC.

The platform"s 2.0 version could provide over 400 software programs to run online, which only supported 20 in its previous version. The volume of cloud storage increased from 22 PB to 150 PB, which gives more space for storage, and computing power speed up to 315 PF from 21 PF.

"We have entered an age in which scientific discoveries often require crunching a large amount of data, and the platform is the cornerstone of the academy"s effort to improve its data-related services and applications," said Deng Maicun, secretary-general of the Academy.

"The platform provides efficient and integrated cloud solutions in the storage, transmission, computing, analysis, and other aspects of sharing scientific data, so scientists can get strong support from the platform on their research," he added.

As big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are now the three chariots driving cutting-edge information technology worldwide, the CSTC combines all three fields into a single, massive platform that "will provide strong data and cloud computing services to help China become a technological powerhouse," Li said.

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