Searmake your own charity wristbandsch for world"s most sustainable cities kicks off

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An event looking for the world"s best cities in terms of sustainability has officially begun, inviting people from around the globe to nominate their favorites, according to the Beijing-based Silk Road Cities Alliance.

Liu Zhiqin, director of the Silk Road Cities Institute, said that connectivity among many cities has strengthened since China proposed the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013. It is also important for cities to learn from each other"s experiences in building modern green cities.

"People won"t be satisfied with just busy and bustling cities. Instead, they would like cities that could make them feel at ease," he said.

The nominated cities will be evaluated on four aspects: stability, security, health and comfort. The final result will be unveiled in September. Winners, which will comprise two cities from China and two from abroad, will enjoy special worldwide promotion from the Silk Road Cities Alliance.

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